Home technology at your fingertips

Progressive Home Technology systems give you access to your music, film, television and radio in any room in your house.
Flick on the lights, open the blinds, adjust the temperature, all from the palm of your hand.

Hear the quality

Hear your music and film soundtracks as you never have before with the best in cinema and multi-room audio technology.

See the difference

See HDTV and Blu-Ray movies exactly as the director intended with the latest in high definition flat screen and projection systems calibrated to highest industry standards.

Control your world

With some of the most advanced home automation systems available, control your home from your in-wall or wireless touchscreen, Apple iPhone or iPad, Android phone, and more…

Home cinema

Sitting in your own private cinema enjoying a classic movie is the perfect way to relax and unwind with the family. Being gripped by a tense thriller, being blown away by the latest action movie, losing yourself in a grand cinematic production, or just sitting with the kids enjoying the latest 3D animation blockbuster. Experiencing Hollywood’s finest sound and motion as the director intended it is what Progressive aim to achieve with our bespoke cinema designs.

Home cinema

Designing and building cinemas has been the core of our business since we formed in 2004. We design, build and professionally calibrate dedicated home cinema rooms, and living room cinemas based on plasma displays or home cinema projectors. The spectacle of the theatre begins the moment you enter one of our bespoke home cinema rooms. Whether it’s a hidden cinema system and speakers revealing from the ceiling in the living room, or the curtains drawing and the lights dimming down to the sound of the popcorn machine in your dedicated theatre, it’s not just the film you will enjoy but the whole experience.

On our staff we have a THX Certified Professional in Home Theater design, and an ISF Certified Engineer in Display Calibration.

Multi-room audio

Walk over to the in-wall touchscreen, or pickup a wireless touchscreen controller, iPad or iPhone, and have immediate access to your favourite Radio stations, millions of tracks through Spotify or Rhapsody, your own CD collection or MP3 database on your multi-room audio system. At the press of a button you can queue up any single track, or album, or playlist, and have it playing immediately through discrete high performance speakers, or through your hi-fi or home cinema sound system. Play a different song in each multi-room in the house, or the same song “Party Mode” into a group of rooms. Listen to DAB radio in the kitchen, a spotify playlist in the den, or your favorite iTunes playlist in the bedroom.

Our Multi-Room audio systems from the likes of Kaleidescape, Meridian Sooloos, Control4, Crestron, RTI and more can all manage enormous music databases, and integrate with online services to provide up-to-date music delivery and track information right to the palm of your hand.

We can provide audio systems to almost any budget from simple packaged wireless zone systems to those built by some of the finest brands known to the British Hi-Fi market.

An introduction to Sooloos by Meridian

Multi-room video

Simplify how you watch HDTV and movies by centralising all your video sources. We build you a bespoke cabinet and fit in your Satellite/Cable HD boxes, Apple TVs, Blu-Ray players, Kaleidescape Media Servers, CCTV. The location is easily maintained and keeps the clutter of wires and remotes out of sight and out of mind.

Any TV connected into the system can flick on your favourite HDTV channel, view your planner, load up a movie from the Kaleidescape Media Server, even browse the family photo library or go online and watch YouTube videos, iPlayer recordings, and rent a movie to watch right away! With Parental options enabled ensure your kids only see what you want them to see

Multi-room video

Take multi-room video to the next level with one of our Kaleidescape media server solutions to archive your DVD and Blu-Ray database…

Simply select the movie server on the remote control and the TV screen will display box covers for every single movie you have in your collection. Quickly flick through your collection, search by actor or director, read online reviews and click play to have the film playing instantly in lossless high-definition sound and vision.

With the "Kids remote" let your children have their own control over the movie server knowing that it will only allow them access to films you have bookmarked as suitable for children, and only at times you want to allow them to watch

Kaleidescape Showcase

Home automation

The Home Automation system is the brains of it all. With Crestron, Control4, RTI you can take all your TVs and speakers, movie and music servers, CCTV and door entry, heating and lighting, and wrap it all up with a nice easy to use system of clearly labelled wall keypads, elegant in-wall touchscreens, and wireless interface on your tablet or smart phone. We customise the system to your requirements releasing you from the clutter of remotes on your coffee table and the wall acne of door entry phones, heating thermostats, banks of light switches... Instead pick up the intuitive interface and hit your favorite playlist, movie, or TV channel and let the automation system do the rest.

For the more complicated home we can tailor your Crestron, Control4 or RTI automation system to manage your heating and cooling, to give you a means to view your CCTV cameras, to integrate security and safety mechanisms. We take the complexity out of the technology your home needs and present it to you in the same elegant interface throughout

Progressive are CEDIA Accredited Home Technology Designers and Installers. We can provide and program Home Automation systems from Crestron, Control4, RTI, URC and more.

What is home control?

Lighting systems

Scene controlled lighting can allow you to transform the look, mood or function of a living space by simply selecting a scene. Games rooms might switch the lighting focus from the pool table and bar area to the cinema seating and big screen. The kitchen lighting focus might go from bright worktop coverage while preparing food, to subtle counter lighting and soft illumination over the dinner table when eating it. Our lighting systems allow you simple scene selection for an individual room (“Reading”, “Watch TV”, “Night”), or simple global controls to set whole-house scenes (“Welcome Home”, “House Off”, “Holiday Mode”).

We have a selection of products available to us to tailor the best solution for your needs be it single or multi-room, new-build or retrofit. All the lighting systems we install offer an integration path into our Home Automation solutions, as well as their own Apple App interfaces and high quality custom finish wall keypads. We can offer design, installation and programming services of all the major lighting brands e.g. Lutron, Rako, iLight, Dynalite.

Welcome Home by Philips Dynalite

Lighting systems

With our lighting designs the managed lighting control throughout the home is energy conscious and efficient. Dimming a lighting circuit by 25% represents almost a similar amount in energy consumption reduction to drive that circuit. This both extends the lifetime of your lamps, and helps your energy bills! Considering very few people can distinguish between 90% illumination and 100% illumination of a lamp, just dimming alone is the first step on a path to managing your energy costs. The next step is to make sure lighting circuits are only used when they are needed. PIR units hidden in ceilings or on walls detect motion and the amount of ambient daylight already available to employ just the amount of light needed to light a route. Hallways, stairwells, cloakrooms, pathways, external areas, are lit only when there is activity. Just think how long your hallway and stairwell lights are left running for at home at the moment…

Part L of the current UK building regulations state that for new build homes and some extensions lighting schemes must allow for three per four fixed lighting fittings to be of a low energy source. To the layman this means compact fluorescent, discharge, or LED lamps, all of which can be dimmed and scene controlled using our lighting systems where traditional rotary dimmers cannot.

Goodnight by Philips Dynalite

Security, CCTV
& access control

We work in conjunction with your security provider, or we bring our own recommended team of experts in to install and integrate security alarm, CCTV, and remote door and gate access to protect your home. As with any other element of our home technology systems they must be powerful and robust, but still easy for anyone in your home to use. Integrating with our Home Automation systems a press of the doorbell or gate buzzer by one of your guests will attenuate any music playing, play an audible alert through the speakers (or ring a traditional doorbell) and allow you to go to any touchscreen or TV to see who is at the door or gate, speak to the guest, and then press a button to let them in.

CCTV systems will always be recording in the background, and can be brought up live on the touchscreens, dedicated CCTV display, Apple iPad or iPhone, or even on your laptop screen at the office. Use built in video intercom functions to call from one room to another and videochat!

All our security installation partners are NSI NACOSS Gold approved.

Telephony & networking

As part of a home technology installation with Progressive, we ensure for enterprise class data and telephony infrastructure throughout the home. Cat5e, CAT6 or fibre cabling backbone provides wired connectivity for personal computers, audio and video streaming devices, data servers, telephone/fax, and high-definition media delivery.

We deploy discrete, high-performance, dual-band managed wifi access points to ensure your personal devices and our home automation controllers have all the secure bandwidth they need to operate efficiently and reliably. We can provide PABX systems to manage telephony behind the scenes to ensure you remain in contact whether you in the main house, the garage, or the pool house!

Heating, cooling & air-conditioning

Working in co-operation with your heating and cooling contractors we can provide remotely controlled interfaces for wet heating systems using radiators, underfloor pipework, or a combination of both, to allow them to be integrated into our home automation system. Main boiler systems, pumps and valves can be managed via the home heating and cooling system, as can the Domestic Hot Water system.

Cooling can be controlled efficiently with simple overhead fan control, automated window or vent opening, or automated awning deployment for solar shading. More power hungry air-conditioning solutions can also be controlled and managed. Our key aim being to regulate the various zones in your home to their most comfortable temperature while employing the minimum amount of energy, preventing such scenarios as the air-conditioning and heating systems running simultaneously and wastefully.


Let us design and install an AV and automation system tailored to your specific needs. Our solutions incorporate the same audio and video, lighting and automation technologies as you would see in our home technology installations.

In the training or boardroom this means your staff can easily and quickly bring their presentations or video feeds up onto a display. Whether that display is fixed onto the wall, motorized up through the board table, or a projector that automatically lowers itself from the ceiling. A single control panel or touchscreen can turn on the screen, power the speakers, lower the lights and close the blinds, leaving your audience to take in the slick

In the reception area we can provide digital signage tastefully integrated into the décor conveying your organisation’s embrace of latest technology while also promoting the brand and company message.


For your bar, restaurant or hotel we can provide high quality, reliable background and foreground music systems. Our systems include such features as:

  • Automatic volume levelling – using microphones hidden in the ceiling to detect background noise levels and adjust accordingly
  • Scheduling – automatic on and off of the system, change music sources at certain times of day, enable or disable different areas at different times
  • Equalization – provide accurate digitally programmed equalization of the system for clarity and deep bass at all volume levels
  • Paging and security integration


A dynamic display or digital signage solution on the perimeter of your store or showroom will engage potential customers who might have walked right past. The digital display is selling to an audience 24/7 even while your staff might have shut up shop for the end of the day.

Once in-store, the right audio and video setup can be the difference between an idle browser and a signed-up buyer. A discrete, reliable audio system delivers music tailored to your requirements either from a CD player or hard-disk in-store, or from an online managed feed. Large displays may show satellite TV, company branding, product promotions, or video loops designed specifically to support the look and feel of your showroom.

About us

Progressive Audio Visual Ltd is a family run independent company formed in January 2004. We specialise in high-end audiovisual and home technology systems: home cinema, multiroom audio and HD video, bespoke home automation, and home lighting systems. Our team includes ISF and THX trained cinema designers and audio and video calibrators, CEDIA design and installation certified designers and installers, and experienced programmers in Crestron, RTI, Control4, URC and legacy Philips Pronto and Nevo control systems.

The Progressive group of companies spans three distinct but related sectors – Progressive AV covering home and commercial AV, technology & lighting, Progressive Developers covering bespoke designer home construction and property development, and Progressive Designers an interior design and digital design and consultancy service. As a group of companies we are able to offer complete project solutions from design (interior and architectural), construction, through programming, final handover and training.

Developers, designers
& architects

While the end-user experience is our ultimate aim, the 21st century smarthome is a collaboration between architects, mechanical and electrical engineers, electrical and security contractors, property developers and interior designers. We are here to work for you and your client at each step of the project from initial design discussion through to final handover, familiarisation and training. We are the organisation who will take your audiovisual, lighting and automation requirements and apply the right technology to make them a reality.

Progressive work alongside you and your customer throughout the project lifetime. We and advise and agree on design specifications and installation techniques from the outset. We provide documentation, cabling, and installation management throughout the construction phases. Then our final fit technician’s come on-site to install, configure and programming the AV, control and automation elements needed to achieve your goals.

For architects we offer RIBA CPD Accredited seminars outlining the kind of technology and services that together with can offer your clients.

Progressive AV are a CEDIA Electronic Systems Professional Company and hold necessary insurances to design for and operate in multi-million pound projects.

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