Control4 introduce “Chime” Video Doorbell

, - October, 2020

An unexpected product launch from Control4 happened this month when they announced “Chime” their brand new video doorbell. It’s a great little thing really. Where the Doorstation range covers all your video intercom needs be it having an active relay to open a gate, keypad entry, RFID fob etc etc. This is just a simple, little, doorbell. And with a wireless option available we don’t need to cable the thing back to your network rack, just need to get a small low voltage power supply to it and a decent bit of wi-fi coverage!

New for Chime is the ability for the doorbell to take short recordings of any motion detected by it’s camera and save these into the cloud for playback layer. You can choose to receive a notification (with a snapshot image) directly to your Control4 app for you to immediately review while mobile.


No other video doorbell delivers a complete smart home experience like Chime. While communicating with someone at the front door, homeowners can simultaneously disarm the alarm, unlock the door, open the garage door, or any other smart home features you can imagine. Homeowners can also communicate with others inside the house both at home or on the go with the help of their touch screen or mobile app.


With your help, buttons on the Control4 app or touchscreen can initiate a series of smart home events. If someone the homeowner knows arrives at the door, a single push of a button will disable the alarm, let them inside, and turn on the lights. You can also set the camera to start recording automatically when it senses movement on the porch or in the driveway.


A 5MP HD camera promises sharp video quality, and night mode and IR LEDs offer clear visibility, even in low light. Chime even features a 180-degree field of view for monitoring that goes well beyond the front door. Plus, two-way audio allows for natural conversations—no push and release required.


Personalize up to five motion zones with customized sensitivity control to ensure homeowners are notified when it matters most. Program Chime to send a notification with a camera snapshot whenever someone steps onto the front porch, or start recording without a notification when there’s movement in the yard. Or, set a scene that turns on the garage light and starts recording when there’s movement in the driveway after midnight. With Chime, the options for customization are endless.


Available in black and satin nickel finishes, Chime features a stylish design that blends seamlessly into any upscale smart home. Plus, Chime is IP65 rated and water resistant to keep it looking new for years to come.


Chime is available in Wi-Fi and PoE models, so it can be installed in retrofit jobs or new construction. Configuration is easy with the help of Composer Pro, which lets you program motion zones, custom alerts, snapshots, brightness levels, LEDs, and more.


Chime automatically stores seven days of recordings, and OS 3 lets you go back and watch video clips from the Control4 mobile app or touchscreen. In addition to seeing what happened at the front door, you can also access a History view of what happened in the home throughout the day.

We are taking orders now on Satin Nickel wired version, Black finish and wireless option will be available for the new year

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