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Automated Lighting & Blinds

Having complete control over light, whether by turning on a lamp in the dark, or closing a blind to the sunlight, is the difference between a good room and a great room

Control and Automate your lighting

Achieve big results with scenes and lighting pathways. A single button press that changes the levels of many different lights in the room to relax the mood, or a pathway of light from the front door, through the hall to the living areas.

Automate your lights to come on at sunset, or when someone enters a room. Have lights turn off in rooms after long periods of no activity.

Lighting applications

Every light can be individually controllable, so you can adjust the time of operation, brightness and even colour. This can include manipulating the colour temperature of a light to become warmer for one kind of scene, but colder and brighter for another

We can program your lights to come on gradually in the morning as you wake up, or conversely to act as a night light and slowly fade to off over a period of time

Use feature lighting to enhance works of art, sculptures, and intricate architectural details

Control and Automate your blinds

At a basic level automated blinds give you the convenience of pressing a button and having a group of blinds all open or close in unison with ease. An integral part of your light switch in the room. Or your home automation touchscreen on the wall. Or conveniently from the app on your phone, perhaps when you are not even at home

Automate your blinds and curtains to close automatically at sunset for added privacy. Or for a sheer to lower over larger windows and glass doors during particularly sunny days. For both glare control and heat reflectance. Have blackout blinds close in your home theatre room as you turn on the projector...

We have access to any fabric you can think of with many samples available from stock. If we cannot have something made at the factory, our local fabricators are able come up with a number of bespoke solutions including recently an elaborate 4m high pull up from the ground triangular set of blinds! We can use client supplied fabrics or dip into any major fabric collection out there

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