Having complete control over light, whether by turning on a lamp in the dark, or closing a blind to the sunlight, is the difference between a good room and a great room

Comfort and Convenience

Achieve big results with custom scenes and lighting pathways in your home. Let us program you a lighting system that brings out all the detail in your interior design and at the press of a button changes the look and feel of the room to suit your mood

Bring some lights on at dusk, others on as you walk by, automatically turn off lights in rooms you are no longer in. And as you leave the house "Goodbye" and everything is off.

Automate your lighting

Your smart lighting system can sync with your AV, blinds, security systems. Turn on all the lights when an alarm or triggered, motion activate lights at night. Have the lights in the cinema room dim as you begin the movie, and raise back up when you finish. Or think outside the box, bring in some daylight by controlling the window coverings as part of an overall "light" solution.

Not forgetting you can do all this from an app on your phone


Sexy lights need sexy light switches. We have a wide range of finishes and designs to suit any traditional or contemporary decor

We have the experience

With almost 20 years experience in the industry, we have dealt with some of it's finest designers, manufacturers and lighting control companies and have what it takes to bring the best solution to any type or size of property.

We have in-house Lutron and Crestron design and programing specialists on hand to start making your plans a reality today

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