Multi-Room Audio & Video

Watch TV or movies in any room, enjoy your favourite music at the touch of a button wherever you are. From your long curated CD collection to the latest studio master quality music streamed directly into your home, we are the specialists when it comes to multi-room audio and video systems.

Multi-room audio

Access your music collection wherever you are in lossless sound quality.

You can stream from your online services or browse your own centrally stored music in any room.

Play music simultaneously through your speakers or headphones in zoned areas within your house.

Multi-room video

Have your projector, main living room TV, waterproof bathroom display all linked to your movie library, streaming TV services, or subscription TV boxes. With a simple elegant remote control have access to any and every source you need, without the clutter of boxes and wires everywhere.

Ignorance is bliss

Yes we want the highest quality audio systems and the best picture performance we can achieve. But no we don't want to actually see a TV in a room, or a speaker sat on a shelf. We are artists in the science of high performance, hidden sound and vision. Whether we are colour blending or plastering over speakers, mechanically bring out TVs from hidden recesses or panelling them in behind a mirror, we make sure you only see a TV and hear a speaker when you want to

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