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Bespoke Home Theatre

Experience the pinnacle of audio and video quality in our custom designed and built dedicated theatre rooms

Don't settle for anything but the best.

Your local multiplex is not the be all and end all of what is achievable in a dedicated cinema space.
We design our theatre rooms to exceed the latest industry standards. Taking into account furnishings, acoustic treatments, light control, and you and how you want to use the space. Be it a dedicated home theatre, family movie room, or sports den.

We specify the whole experience for you.

Let us take care of everything from specifying the cinema hardware and network requirements, to room, acoustic and lighting design. We work with your interior design team to help shortlist fabric choices, decoration and lighting that will complement the room and enhance ultimately sound and picture quality. We build to the highest industry standards embracing all the latest technologies and formats.

Our design team are able to provide detailed drawings and 3D mockups throughout the design stage. Virtual walkthroughs are also available to quickly experience and compare several options

Entertainment on-demand, streaming or 4K.

Our cinema design will cater for your lifestyle and media consumption. Talk to us about what you watch and how you watch it! Getting the best out of the streaming services, committing to hard drive your entire back catalogue of DVDs, integrating the latest 4K gaming platforms. We've got all the tech you need from 3D displays to motion adaptive seating to build you the ultimate room

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