Family Cinema

Leigh, Kent

Our client required a fully automated dedicated 4K home cinema room build utilising the latest 3D audio formats Dolby Atmos and DTS:X and the biggest 4K screen we could fit in there! Our solution included automated blackout blinds, projection ceiling lift mechanism, and integrated lighting for complete one-button transformation from bar/media room to dedicated theatre.

Dedicated cinema room with sofa centred on the cinema screen. You can just make out the ear-level surround speakers and the front height speakers in the ceiling.

The full experience with the automated blinds closed and the lights beginning to dim down to movie level.

130” Screen with THX and ISF certified 4K acoustic fabric. KEF THX in-wall speakers (3 main and 2 subwoofers) are fitted into a stiffened baffle wall behind the screen.

Mood lighting on, lower projector and blinds, fire up sound system, turn on Blu-Ray player, turn off fridge, fade out lights and warm projector. Just press "Movies".

The Sony 4K HDR projector in it’s fully extended lift.

Looking back toward the bar area you can make out the rear surround speakers, rear height speakers in the ceiling, and acoustic absorption panels.


  • Sony VPL-VW320ES 4K Projector
  • Future Automation Projector Lift
  • Screen Research 130” FS3 Screen
  • Arcam AVR850 AV Receiver
  • Panasonic 4K / UHD Blu-Ray Player
  • KEF Ci5160RL THX Front Main Speakers (3)
  • KEF Ci3160RLB THX Subwoofers (2)
  • KEF Ci200RR THX Ceiling Speakers (4)
  • KEF Q800DS Surround Speakers (4)
  • KEF KASA500 Power Amps (3)
  • Control4 EA3 Processor
  • Control4 SR260 Remote
  • Control4 8-Channel Phase Adaptive Dimmer
  • Control4 Engraved UK Square Keypad
  • QMotion Blackout Blinds

Project Brief

We discussed one or two different possible amplifier and speaker configurations for this project but one stood out immediately to the client and that was Arcam’s then brand new off the press AVR850 7.1.4 AV Receiver and KEF’s THX in-wall speaker system. The Arcam one of the first brands to market with a working DTS:X as well as Dolby Atmos processor to cover the requirement for immersive audio. But also a powerhouse of a receiver with it’s Class G rich amplifiers and another first being the only AVR available with Dirac room equalisation. The THX certified KEF speaker system perfectly complements the Arcam hardware with the two companies very much in cahoots appearing in most trade and hi-fi shows using each others equipment in their demonstrations.

The picture side of things was equally exciting using Sony’s VPL-VW320ES 4K projector fresh with a HDR update. The projector lowers from the ceiling on a Future Automation projector lift while the QMotion wireless blackout blinds lower in the background. With the automated theatrics complete the projector illuminates the 130” acoustically transparent screen with a gloriously vibrant image.

Working hard in the background the Control4 system ensures blinds and lifts work seamlessly on demand while controlling the lighting system. There is a slow fade out of feature lighting matched to the warm up time of the projector so the room is never plunged utterly into darkness while you find your way from the bar to the reclining sofa. There is even a relay integrated into the bar fridges, cutting the power from the fridge during movie playback to ensure not even the slightest distraction from the movie soundtrack.

We cannot boast enough how good the picture and sound finished up in this room and are always happy to hear back from the client how much use he and his family get from it