Home Automation

Home automation brings together all of the diverse, individually "smart" components of your building - HVAC, Lighting, Multi-Room AV, Hi-Fi, Home Cinema, Security into one quick, simple to operate system.

Centrally controlled systems.

Neatly located out of sight, a network of cabling and control systems is distributed throughout your house.

Seamlessly integrating with all of your systems, the central control units ensure that all systems are working optimally.

Control your environment from your remote or smart phone

Your smart phone app combines all of the technology in your home into one easy to manage location.

Turn the heating up or down, play a movie, answer the door or check up on your home security, all with the convenience of an app on your existing smart phone.

One button, multiple applications.

Programmable wall units combine any number of systems from a modern building into pre-set one-touch configurations.

HVAC can consist of multiple systems, security often comprises of door entry systems, alarm systems, security lighting, video networks and sensors, and lighting configurations, AV systems, automatic curtains and blinds, windows and doors can all be separate systems.

Home automation enables you to control them all at the touch of a button.

Centralised home entertainment systems

Control your entire music and video library without every having to change a CD or Blu-ray disc.

Touchscreen controls and intuitive software make it a breeze to browse and play music and movies.

A centrally connected system makes it all available from any connected room in your house.

Connected devices that make life better

Choose from smartphone and tablet apps, remote controls, touchscreen in-wall units and wall switches to control your home technology systems.

With advanced programming you can allow different systems to interact with each other in any number of ways.

Common setups include a "going away" button, going to bed button and party buttons for different moods and scenarios.

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