Home Networking

The basis for any good automated home is a robust, high-speed home data network.

Managed Data Networks

The average smart home, even the average non-smart home, is regularly streaming 4K video content, streaming music servers, watching online YouTube videos, online gaming, and still expecting an always-on, always-instant performance from their home network. Proper network management is a necessity for this. Especially when you consider that our home technology installations might include 4K video libraries, multiple high-definition CCTV cameras, on-wall high-resolution touchscreens, smart TVs, smart heating, all needing information to be sent around without error.

Enterprise performance

We use only enterprise grade hardware with the option of remote management and support. We ensure your wireless signal is as strong as it can be in every room and traffic is managed so that the full bandwidth is always available. Our managed routers replace your ISP provided freebie and offer proper traffic management so that your smart home chock full of IoT devices constantly checking in to cloud services does not prevent you still being able to pickup a phone and get to the Internet.

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