LG have just smashed it out the park with the new Gallery OLEDs

, , , - July, 2020

Would you just look at this awesome mounting solution LG have come up with for their new Gallery OLED GX range? It’s just so simple I don’t understand why it has taken these flat TV manufacturers so many years to come up with it! This is the latest 2020 OLED tech TV from LG. It’s got Google Assistant and Alexa built in. It works with all the formats you want this year – Dolby Vision and Atmos, HDR, Fimmaker Mode. It’s got all the smart you need with their industry leading Web OS. But it’s coup-de-grace is that it is 23mm thick and installs flat onto the wall out the box. So sexy

Before we needed us to cut your wall out and fit recessed brackets and have to engineer something pinpoint accurate to get the TV is just part of the wall look. Now LG has actually done what we have all wanted the whole time and supplied a simple, thin, extending wall bracket for the TV, and a matching recess inside the TV frame that it folds into out of sight. This thing looks absolutely brilliant on your wall, and unlike their uber-flat wallpaper TV it doesn’t cost a gazillion pounds and come with an ugly lump of a soundbar that you can’t disconnect. For all our love of tech, the elegance and engineering of this is our new favorite thing.

Anyway, check it out on the video below. But do ignore the bit about running cables down your wall in plastic, we are FAR more refined than that!!!

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