The Terrace TV – Samsung takes the TV into the Garden

- October, 2020

It is no coincidence that this year of working from home, supporting the pubs but not supporting the pubs, going out but not with too many friends, has been our best year of all time for installing outdoor speakers and wireless networks into people’s gardens. The garden is now another room in a very full house, and with our summers getting longer and hotter we can rely on the great British weather to actually maybe be temperate enough to host some outdoor activities. So what better time than during the wettest week of a dark October for Samsung to launch The Terrace TV in the UK!

I write this post shivering, with rain soaked feet, sat in my office at 730am and it’s pitch black and chucking it down outside. But let that not sway us from the engineering marvel that is The Terrace. Now I am the first to admit Samsung has not always been my go to TV screen as I am a self-obsessed OLED lover. I find QLED amongst other things far too bright to use in a media room…. But that is exactly why this Terrace TV is just so good. It is the brightest TV I have ever seen, by a country mile. We could fit this baby by the poolside in direct sunlight and you could still keep up with Wimbledon while bobbing in your inflatable armchair. Next year for sure is going to be the year of going round your mates house for a BBQ and watch the match – all outside.

It’s a pretty thing too. A full fat smart TV with all the usual streaming gubbins wrapped inside a stainless steel bezel that is overall less than 6cm deep with a waterproof voice remote. I’ve got mine on order

If you need more persuading, look no further than this marvellous promotional video from Samsung President himself JH Han, Korea’s answer to Tim Cook

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