Forest Residence

Ashdown Forest, East Sussex

This super stylish home nestled deep in Ashdown Forest wanted the full Control4 audio and video experience retrofitted into the already constructed building!


  • Control4 Home Automation Processors / Audio Streamer
  • Control4 Wireless Remote Controls
  • Control4 Wireless Lighting
  • Triad Audio switching and amplification
  • Triad Ceiling speakers, Outdoor speakers, and Cinema speakers and subwoofers
  • Marantz AVR (Lounge)
  • NAD AVR (Cinema)
  • Sony Android TVs
  • JVC Projector
  • Somfy Shades
  • Honeywell Underfloor Heating
  • Enterprise Grade wired and wireless network

Project Brief

The initial challenge here was the fact we had to retrofit this installation into an already built home that the client had recently bought. Once we had a team of techs on-site it was amazing the hidden voids and cable runs that we were able to find. Which was helpful considering the very comprehensive network of cables required for ten different audio zones, five TVs, a whole cinema room, an integrated sky dish hidden on the roof, automated blinds and lighting downstairs, and a wired and wireless network throughout the house and the outbuildings!

Control4 fitted the bill for the automation and the multi-room audio, having it’s own integrated audio streaming and a range of Triad multiroom products to make the audio system a reality. Sony Android TVs were fitted throughout the house and linked back into the audio system for higher quality sound through the ceiling speakers, with a single wireless Control4 remote in each room giving the homeowners super easy access to Sky TV, Netflix, Amazon and other services.

Automated shades and lighting were integrated in the ground floor and cinema, with a comprehensive set of Alexa voice commands setup for common home scenes and radio station selections in each room.

And then the cinema. Our first and so far only with a log burner in! We were able to be a little more destructive here to wire in a 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos speaker arrangement, again using Triad speakers but this time with a NAD AV Receiver for the power. A JVC 4K Projector provides the image onto a 2.7cm wide acoustic projection screen with the front speakers fitted into the wall behind it so that the sound comes through the image just as in a true cinema. The main cinema equipment and subwoofer housed in the gorgeous BDI Corridor media cabinet

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