Designer Smart Home

London, SW15

An elegantly designed home with many lighting and decor features needed a reliable and simple to use home automation interface for the whole family to live with


  • Crestron Custom Home Automation system
  • Crestron Touchscreens and Wireless Remote Controls
  • 2N Door Entry linked to Crestron Touchscreen Intercom
  • Lutron Homeworks Lighting Control throughout
  • Lutron Motorised Roller shades and custom Roman blinds throughout
  • Motorised Velux windows and blinds on top floor
  • Roon Nucleus Audio Server
  • Meridian 218 zone controllers and 258 power amps
  • Meridian DSP active speakers and Triad Silver passive speakers
  • Kaleidescape Strato Movie System linked to all TVs
  • Underfloor heating integration
  • CCTV System with camera view on touchscreens
  • Enterprise Grade Network with dual ISPs balanced together and UPS backup
  • Reference Family Movie Room 

Project Brief

The main focus of this designer home was the lighting design and window treatments, and their fundamental impact on the rest of the décor. At the press of a button a change in the lighting scene and lowering or raising a fabric over the window will change the mood of the room dramatically. The challenge on our part is to give the family this power to control their environment without making it complicated, or clunky, or worse unreliable. A Lutron homeworks system managing lighting and window treatments throughout the property was the obvious choice. It has a clean simple to use app should the client want to tweak their own lighting scenes, and a well-earned reputation for bulletproof reliability and integration possibilities for us to integrate with the Crestron automation system.

The Crestron system features throughout the home either via app, touchscreen or wireless remote control, and gives our client a single interface to manage his smart home. Whether this be opening all the blinds in the morning, turning off all the lights at night, playing a song, watching something from the Kaleidescape movie system, adjusting the heating or viewing a security camera.

The music system in this house is something rather special though, using the Roon platform for library management and playback in CD or studio master quality audio in any room in the house. Using the feature rich Roon app the music server in the basement streams lossless quality music to any of the Meridian 218 zone controllers that either feed the signal digitally direct to Meridian DSP speakers, or through Meridian 258 power amps to Triad Silver series monitor speakers throughout various zones. Every room in this house is an audio fan’s dream with quality music from a rich, simple to use interface

As with all our smart home projects, the house is bolstered with an enterprise grade wired and wireless data network. In this case bonding both cable and VDSL internet feeds to reduce downtime to an absolute minimum. The whole network including the Crestron control system is protected with UPS backup, and monitored from our office for any anomalies and failures so we can respond to the site before the homeowner might even know anything is up

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