Neeo Remote for Control4 OS3

- April, 2020

It’s been a long time coming, but while we knew something was in the pipeline we weren’t expecting it to drop so quickly. And that something is Control4’s revolutionary new touchscreen remote


Inspired by Swiss design experts, the Neeo is a small, deliciously weighted, minimalist remote. Available in matt black or silver metal finishes. The button portion resembles an Apple TV remote giving you just the basics that you need for the way most people are using their televisions and that is via smart apps. So a great feeling D-Pad, volume and channel buttons, mute, home and off. All the hard work takes place in the super fast, super bright touchscreen portion of the remote.

The Neeo takes it’s place in between a traditional all buttons remote control, and the fully comprehensive on-wall and wireless touchscreen interfaces. In addition to controlling the TV (scrolling through the colour graphic channel favorites perhaps) you have quick access to your heating dial, the room’s lights and shades, and rich music system integration

And the best feature is the Neeo works on your Wi-Fi without any additional setup needed at all. So long as you are running Control4 OS3 (contact us for an evaluation for remote update) we can arrange to ship one directly to you for you to install yourself!

We know our customers are just going to love what Control4 have done here. A device that both makes their lives easier and and more enjoyable, but does so with grace and style.

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